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Visit Khor Fakkan | 13 Things To Do and See

The rejuvenation of Khor Fakkan is putting this old industrial town on the map for tourists and adventurers. Why not visit Khor Fakkan and find out for yourself? It is picturesque, steeped in history, and a top UAE road trip destination.

Khorfakkan (Arabic: خورفكان‎‎) is located along the Gulf of Oman on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates between the Arabian Sea and the Shumayliyah Mountains, rising to 1,023 metres at Jebel al Hilqah. Khor Fakkan, which means “Creek of Two Jaws”, is an enclave of Sharjah, tucked into the emirate of Fujairah.  It expanded around the only natural deep-water harbour in the region and became an important transit port for ships to trade with Africa and India.

With so many things to do in Khorfakkan, it is time to add this place to your UAE itinerary.

Visit Khor Fakkan Beach
Khor Fakkan Beach

How To Reach Khorfakkan

Driving To Khorfakkan 

The best way to reach Khorfakkan is by driving as you could be looking at over 4 hours for public transport, and it would cost more in taxis to see things in Khorfakkan when you get there.

By car, from Dubai to Khorfakkan (E44 + E55/Khorfakkan Rd), the journey will take 1.5 hours, and from Sharjah to Khorfakkan (E55/Khorfakkan Rd), it will take 1 hour 10 minutes.

If you don’t have a car, it is easy to hire your wheels with Discover Cars. They are an award-winning car rental comparison website so you will be sure to get the best deals.

Book A Tour To See The Khor Fakkan Tourist Spots 

If you don’t fancy navigating the roads in the UAE, it is worth booking a tour to see the Khorfakkan tourist attractions. Here are a few I’d recommend;

Best Time To Visit Khor Fakkan

The best time to visit Khor Fakkan is from November to April as it is sunny and has a beautiful temperature during the day ranging from 18 °C to 30 °C, however, the evenings can be a little cool and the humidity low.

The weather in Khorfakkan between January and March may have the possibility of rain and tropical storms. The climate warms from May to September with the high temperature at noon in July and August reaching 40 °C. The nights too are warm, with the temperature reaching 36 °C, with high humidity.

Best Adventure Activities | Visit Khorfakkan

Snorkeling At Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island, is located just 100 metres from the Sandy Beach Hotel. is a rocky outcrop that resembles Snoopy lying down on his back with his curvaceous belly pointing up toward the sky. Only 120m x 80m in size, it is surrounded by an underwater world of shimmering coral reefs and exquisite marine life.

We were lucky to follow a couple of turtles before they descended deeper. If you miss these, you will still be rewarded with colourful reef fish including Arabian Boxfish, Parrotfish, Butterflyfish, and Angelfish. Seeing all the marine life made this one of the best places in Khorfakkan to see.

How to reach Snoopy Island? If you are either staying at Sandy Beach Hotel or paying for a day pass, you can easily access Snoopy Island and hire snorkeling gear and kayaks from the shore.

As I was staying at Le Meridien al Aqah Beach Resort, we took a snorkeling trip with Al Boom Diving conveniently located next door. As their name suggests, you can book PADI courses and night dives too!

Turtle at Snoopy Island, Fujairah. Best adventures when you visit Khor Fakkan
Turtle at Snoopy Island

Parasailing In The Gulf Of Oman

Parasailing is an effortless adrenaline-pumping activity. Stand on the back of the boat as the boys do all the preparations and issue a few instructions, the boat speeds up and you ascend into the air at a steady and gradual pace. Simple!

The open parachute helps you glide along through the air with the wind in your face overseeing the beach-goers sipping cocktails and swimmers exploring the warm gulf waters. The experience is a calming one, no experience required, and not to be feared (even with vertigo). Recommend it!

Where to go parasailing in Khor Fakkan? Our trip was booked with Al Boom Diving – 2 for the price of 1 on the Entertainer App. Alternatively, you can take a flight out from Khor Fakkan Beach.

Parasailing in Khor Fakkan / Fujairah in UAE
Parasailing in Khor Fakkan

Boat Trip To Shark Island

There are several small rocky islands off the coast that are fabulous for snorkeling or just taking a boat tour. Shark Island Khorfakkan is a small island without shade or any facilities so it is worth picking up some water, snacks, and an umbrella if you are sensitive to the sun. Shark Island has slowly become one of the top Khorfakkan tourist attractions.

The snorkeling was bright with a fair bit of marine action and got pretty choppy on the far side of the island. We had the island to ourselves which was just idyllic but I do have to mention that Shark Island is situated right behind the bright orange Khor Fakkan port. If you can block this out of your view as you relax on the white sand then you could imagine you are on a deserted island!

How to get to Shark Island? We just agreed on a price with the boat guys hanging around the promenade by Khor Fakkan Beach.

Shark-Island off Khor Fakkan Beach in UAE
Shark Island

Kayaking In Al Rasifah Dam

Al Rasisah Dam is located in the Emirate of Sharjah, just a 7-minute drive from Khor Fakkan. Originally built in the 1980s, it now has a visitor’s centre with a mosque, restroom, cafe, kids’ play area, and, of course, water activities.

Nestled in the Hajar Mountains, Al Rasisah Dam is an alluring backdrop for paddling around in a kayak or pedal boat.

If you have no car and fancy taking the hassle out of the day, I’d recommend the Wadi Shees and Al Rasifah full-day tour.

Al Rasifah Dam in Sharjah near Khor Fakkan
Al Rasifah Dam

Khor fakkan waterfall

The Khorfakkan Waterfall is a man-made waterfall located on a natural cliff that overlooks the Khorfakkan Corniche. The waterfall is 43 metres above sea level, 45 metres long and 11 metres wide. There are multiple openings where visitors can see the water slope through the top of the cave to the bottom of the mountain. Moreover, from the top, you can enjoy panoramic views of Khorfakkan Beach. 

Hiking At Wadi Sena | Fujairah

There are a few routes you can take hikes at Wadi Sena depending on your fitness level and time of year. I did this hike in July so we started at 6 am to catch the sunrise and avoid the sweltering desert heat. Remember the weather in Khorfakkan during the summer can be hard to bear.

The 7.2km route was marked by a track that you drive up and cheat by getting the photos from the top for the gram without the effort. Not my style! Walking at an average pace as we were in a group, we were on the move for 1 hour 45 minutes. Even though we stopped for breakfast with the view, we were back at the hotel sunloungers planning our next adventure for the day.

Cultural Things To Do | Visit Khorfakkan

Wander Around Khor Fakkan Heritage Village

Khor Fakkan heritage sites along with the nearby village, farms, and mountain watchtowers and archaeological excavations have discovered inhabitation dating back to the 16th century. Old documents, maps, and photographs were studied to help construct and restore them on the exact spot.

The rejuvenation of Khor Fakkan with the old souq, canal, Khorfakkan amphitheatre, and traditional-style boutique hotel is changing the landscape to its’ former glory, and more!

Khor Fakkan Heritage Souq, Emirate of Sharjah
Khor Fakkan Heritage Souq

Be Historical At Khor Fakkan Al Hisn Museum

Hisn Museum Khor Fakkan was rebuilt to replicate the 1950s-1960s design of the original nearby fort and was opened to the public in April 2019, one of the many places to learn about the culture in the UAE.

The museum takes you on a journey through time spanning from 3000 BC (Bronze Age) right up to modern times with 16th-century invasions. The rich history narrated in the museum demonstrates how Al Qawasim has been ruling the two emirates of Ras Khaimah and Sharjah since then and their subsequent influence in the region.

The archaeological displays have been excavated from many sites across the UAE and are represented with photographs, artifacts, tales from locals, 3D models, and technology-driven means. To become a place of learning, the staff are local university graduates with backgrounds in history, social sciences, and archaeology.

Al Hisn Museum Khor Fakkan
Al Hisn Museum

Take In The Views From Al Adwani Tower

Al Adwani Tower was instructed to be built by Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamood Al Adwani Qasimi in the month of Rabi’ Al Thani in 1032 AH (February 1623 AD).

Al Adwani Tower, one of the oldest sites, was once used as a defensive lighthouse to guide ships entering Khor Fakkan Port and was destroyed in 1985 to assist with urban expansion. Both Khor Fakkan Port and Al Adwani Tower were restored when the area received a facelift nurturing the historical aspects.

The tower was a little smaller than I had envisaged but the elevated views of the port with the backdrop of the Hajar mountains are worth a look!

Al Adwani Tower in Khor Fakkan
Al Adwani Tower
Khor Fakkan Fishing Port
Khor Fakkan Fishing Port

Eat Fresh Fish At Khor Fakkan Port

There is nowhere better in Khor Fakkan to get fresh fish than right at the port itself where you can find a few ‘Fish Cooking’ establishments. These Khorfakkan restaurants are more like basic cafes with a few tables and chairs inside but when you see they are popular with the locals, you know you will get tasty food.

I opted for Al Sayadden Fish Cooking on Khorfakkan Port where the guy showed us our options from the catch that day. With some visual aids and the odd recognised word, we decided on ‘Supreme’ (or maybe Sea Bream) with Arabic spices, 12 King Prawns, Saffron Rice, and Salad which cost 70 AED ($19) for two people.

It’s not everyone’s bag but, remember, this is the same fish in the 5-star Khorfakkan hotels at a snip of the price and a more authentic experience. I would recommend adding the port to your list of Khorfakkan tourist places to visit. 

Al-Sayadeen Fish Cooking on Khor Fakkan Port
Al-Sayadeen Fish Cooking

See The Action At Khor Fakkan Fish Market

Khorfakkan Fish Market is fairly small, housing 17 shops in a square shape with entrances on all 4 sides and a special area in the centre designated for cutting and cleaning fish. The walls are in a traditional Arabic style which adds some functionality allowing the seafood aroma to escape.

I guess it is better to take a gander around the fish market after you have devoured the produce in a local fish-cooking restaurant. Top UAE and Khorfakkan hotels, restaurants and local families will come to Khorfakkan Fish Market for the catch of the day, some were surprisingly large!

Fish Market in Khor Fakkan
Khor Fakkan Fish Market

Take A Peek At Al Bidya Mosque

The archaeological site of Al Bidya Mosque is estimated to date back to the 15th century and is the second oldest known mosque in the United Arab Emirates. It is also known as the Ottoman Mosque owing to its distinctive architectural design.

The two neighbouring watchtowers called Al Bidya Towers are equally unique as the lower one is round and the upper tower is elliptical. 

Al Bidya Mosque in Fujairah
Al Bidya Mosque

Visit Nahwa And Madha Enclaves

Nahwa is a second-order enclave. Though the region belongs to Sharjah, it is surrounded by the Madha enclave, which is Omani territory. Madha is in turn surrounded by the UAE.

I knew I’d hit Madha when I reached Sultan Qaboos Mosque and a welcome message from Omantel telling me data roaming charges would now apply, then I reached the national signs marking the Oman territory. If you are going trekking in this region, be prepared with data or an offline map. 

Border of Nahwa and Madha enclaves in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Omani signs at the border of Nahwa and Madha enclaves in Sharjah
Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Oman's Madha enclave
Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Oman’s Madha enclave

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  1. Okay Vanessa, you are the first person to sell me on the UAE by teaching me about Khor Fakkan! Don’t get me wrong, I hold nothing against Dubai and similar popular UAE cities. It just never interested me…I feel the same about those cities as I do Las Vegas or Singapore….not bad, just too modern and glam.
    But Khor Fakkan sounds amazing. First all that crystal clear water around Snoopy & shark Islands looks awesome. I love snorkeling as long as the water isnt freezing! Also, hiking the Wadi Sena would easily feed my backpacker outdoorsman soul. It looks so beautiful amid those mountains.
    Lastly, I love the smaller real town feel in Khor Fakkan. That view from the Al Adwani Tower of the port makes me think of our time on the coast of Morocco. Plus the food you found…YUP….SOLD!!

    1. BOOM…I love to change travellers’ minds on a place! I lived in the UAE for 5.5 years and was so much more inspired by exploring the less glitzy side of the emirates. Unfortunately, many travellers do not venture further than the main cities. I spent many a weekend staying in Khor Fakkan and exploring!

  2. Donna Emperador says:

    You always have the most amazing trips. They are such a great mixture of adventure and culture. The photos are incredible. Great work!

    1. Travel is all about adventure and culture to me. Glad you liked the article and feel inspired by Khor Fakkan!

  3. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    We did not see enough of the UAE when we visited the same time. It will be a long list of places to visit but that view of blue green waters would have me adding Khor Fakkan to the list. Snorkelling or scuba diving at Snoopy Island would be a big draw for us. And kayaking by the Al Rasisah Dam sounds like fun. Looks like it might be worth a stay for a few days with good day trips in this area too.

    1. I know you’d love this place as it includes scuba diving and culture! Hope you experience it one day soon 🙂

  4. Snorkeling at Snoopy Island followed by parasailing would be a great line up for my next vacation! Seeing something like a sea turtle while snorkeling is an awesome experience!

    1. It was one of my favourite days – love the adrenaline rush and exploring marine life!

  5. Ramya Pandey says:

    I never knew we can enjoy so many water sports in UAE. The snorkeling, parasailing all look interesting and worth trying. Though I believe in the beaches certain norms need to be followed, respecting the culture and the local crowd. I believe UAE is also pretty safe for traveling even for solo women travelers.

    1. You would be surprised, however, some of the Emirates are more conservative than others. I lived there for over 5 years and it is one of the safest places in the world.

  6. Snorkeling at Snoopy Island must be a great experience! Parasailing is also on my dream list for a long time. I want to try it. Hiking at Wadi Sena also looks fabulous. It’s so many activities in Khor Fakkan. It’s a great holiday destination.

    1. It’s a fab holiday destination and well worth spending a few days exploring Khor Fakkan and the surrounding area.

  7. Danik the Explorer says:

    The UAE looks like its gonna to be the place to go diving or snorkelling in the Middle East (even though I am useless at both). However as a hiker, I am looking at UAE with great interest recently, and once Covid does on, I can see myself coming here. 🙂

    1. If you explore the other emirates outside of Dubai, you will find lots of hikes, amazing water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, or diving. I think you would love to discover these places in the UAE.

  8. This is amazing and attractive.. i have to share with my friends and start planning to visit khorfakkan soon

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