17 Special Sunsets Around the World

by Vanessa

The fascination with sunsets will never get tiring but there are those special sunsets that we will never forget. We all have an abundance of memories of the gorgeous sunsets we have seen on our travels around the world. I asked some of my fellow travellers to tell us about their special sunset, prepare to be amazed!


Japanese Sunset in Kyusha

“We wanted to catch the special sunset at a famous park in Amakusa on Kyushu, Japan. Because we were still on the way to the park when the sun started setting we just parked our car at the side of the coastal road and watched the sun set into the ocean right then and there. It was so beautiful and romantic with the rough cliffs in the foreground sticking out of the water and the sun sinking into the ocean. We didn’t make it to the designated sunset spot but we realised: Sometimes sunsets don’t have to be perfect to be perfect.”

Lena from Social Travel Experiment

Sunset over Amakusa, Japan

Sunset in Santorini

“The sunset in Oia on the Greek island of Santorini (Thira) is one of the most spectacular ones I’ve ever witnessed. The colours are magnificent, with every shade from orange and yellow to soft pink and fiery red represented. Not only is the sunset itself beautiful to look at, the scenery it illuminates, the caldera and classic white and blue villages, is breath-taking. Photographs don’t do it justice, so you’ll have to visit Santorini to witness it!”

Helen Choo from HC Lifestyle

Sunset over Santorini

Zanzibar Sunsets

“One of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve ever experienced! This was during our first long holiday as a couple. We went to Kenya first and then to the beautiful island of Zanzibar (Africa). By the way, this is actually the view we had from our bed in our bungalow!”

Tom & Sarah from Trip Gourmets

Sunset in Zanzibar

City sunsets in Bangkok

“It was our last day in Bangkok, so what else can be a better way to end our trip to Bangkok by capturing this beautiful sunset at Wat Pho temple.”

Hrishi & Anushka from Roam on ur own 

Sunset over Wat Pho temple-Bangkok

Ocean sunsets in Florida

“The only place in the United States that you can wake up to a beautiful ocean sunrise on the east coast and then drive to see the sunset in the same day is in Florida! The sunsets in Bradenton or Anna Maria Island are some of the most beautiful you will ever see! Since Florida has a humid climate, it is known for its afternoon rain showers. The contrast of darker clouds, and clearing skies make for some of the most vibrant sunsets! The white super soft sand, warm climate, and views of dolphins are the icing on the cake!”

April from T and A in the US of A

Sunset over the ocean at Bradenton, Florida

Coastal Sunsets in Kiel

“Kiel is a beautiful coastal town on the Baltic sea with many gorgeous beaches to relish. It’s cold and rainy most of the time, but when the sun is out, it seems like it’s the best place to be to enjoy the sunset sitting on a beach while seagulls speckle the sky and their calls fill the air.”

Mamta from Mamta Naidu – High on Life

Sunset over Kiel in Germany

Vivid Sunsets in the Seychelles

“I took this sunset picture in the Seychelles. My now-husband and I booked a trip there after dating for only 3 months. We spent our week with honeymooners who congratulated us on our big day. You should have seen their faces when we told them we just started dating. I digress… But I can see why people pick Seychelles as a honeymoon destination, look at this sunset! The most beautiful one I have ever witness!”

Claire from Claire Imaginarium

Sunset over the ocean in Seychelles

Sunsets over the Sienne

“We were strolling with my friend down Rue Beaubourg, about to reach the Seine and cross l’Ile de la Cite towards Saint-Germain-des-Pres on the other side of the river, when we noticed a faint rose glare illuminating the habitually colorless buildings. Still surrounded by tall walls and with no visibility of the island yet, we paid little attention to the detail, but for the fact that it was apparently getting late and we should hurry if we did not want to lose our restaurant reservation. We hastened our pace, and we were quickly washed up by the Boulevard on the quay, just in time to witness the celestial sphere being set aflame above the familiar Parisian skyline, the water reflecting the crimson hues, and a bateau mouche ready to cross dimensions towards the fairyland.”

Konstantina from My Unusual Journeys

Sunset over the Seine River in Paris

River Sunsets in Florida

“This sunset image was taken along the Banana River at a campground on Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. I was taking an evening stroll to enjoy the sunset when I saw this father and son fishing. One of the things I love about camping is family time, so that view just made the sunset even more special.”

Julie from Chickerys Travels

Sunset over Banana River Florida

Moody Sunsets in Kuala Lumpur

“One of the sunsets I will never forget was in Kuala Lumpur! I went to a Sky Bar because I had heard that the view of the famous Twin Towers was amazing. And so it was. I stayed in that bar for three hours to get every nuance of the colors of the changing sky. From light blue, it turned into a very dark blue and from that to pitch black! At the same time, the water show in front of the Petronas Towers was dancing and shining. It was absolutely stunning.”

Barbara from Barbaralicious

Sunset over Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Sunsets in Kota Bharu

“We often travel far and wide chasing sunsets. My story is about the wonderful little city I currently live in – Kota Bharu, Malaysia. Having witnessed sunsets from renowned spots of the world, I must not underestimate the beauty of my current hometown. Despite of having no special backdrop of limestone caves or transparent blue seas, the sunsets are the best I’ve ever witnessed. It makes me wait by my window every single day for the dramatic sunset – the sun spitting fire against the gorgeous envelope of clouds. Check out those fiery hues.”

Aditi from Lyf&Spice

Sunset over Lota Bharu in Indonesia

Californian Sunsets

“This beautiful sunset was taken at Big Bear Lake, California. It’s special to us because it was our first time there as a family and during this sunset, we were floating on the lake on a replica Pirate Ship.”

Elisa from The Wannabe Gypsy

Sunset over Big Bear Lakes in California

Sunsets at the Taj Mahal

“Sunsets have always been special to me, I often spend time and so much energy in looking for the perfect spot to enjoy it. I visited Taj Mahal during the peak summer season and this gave me the opportunity to capture a beautiful sunset without any interruptions, or anyone else on the scene. I was the only one who was in a boat in this river, and as the sun went down, the sky turned pink, Taj Mahal stood white and pretty, in all its glory. A reverent feeling dawns on you when you’re confronted with such a beautiful scene. It was quiet, deserted, and exquisite.”

Medha from Hopping Feet

Sunset over the Taj Mahal in India

Indian Sunsets in Jaisalmer

“The flute was working its magic. The dunes seemed to rise up and down with the musical waves. The shades of the red ball changed every few seconds. The silence of the evening was broken only by the click of the shutter and the clink of glasses. We were enjoying sundowners at the border of the Desert National Park in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. Organised by the luxurious hotel, Suryagarh, we were witnessing a splendour which has long vanished from the city skyline. The red ball was dimming and spreading. Far, far into the infinite sky, it spread until it vanished leaving behind just the glow of the lamps, the music of the flute, and our sighs of wistfulness.

Ambica Gulati from A Traveller’s Wish List 

Sunset over Jaisalmer Dunes in Rajasthan

Sunsets in Indiana

On a road trip back home to visit family we were blessed with viewing a good ol’ Indiana sunset. We are both from Indiana and over the years we had viewed hundreds of lovely vibrant sunsets across the flat cornfields of Indiana. Eventually, we started to take those sunsets and their beauty for granted. Sometimes it takes leaving a place and then coming back again to really appreciate what you had all along.”

Jess & Ron from Unearth The Voyage

Sunset over Indiana Crown Point

Sunset in Santa Clarita CA

“This shot was taken by Z only a week after making the brave move from Chicago to Santa Clarita CA and feeling like this sunset validated she made the right decision.”

Zanne from Where Gals Wander

Sunset over Santa Clarita in California

Madagascan Sunsets behind the Boabab Trees

“I couldn’t help but sneak in one of my beautiful sunsets from the beautiful Boabab Avenue in Madagascar. We watched the sun go down, the golden rays caught the trees, the scenery changed and evolved until it was pitch black. This truly was a magical moment for me, one I will remember for many years to come.”

Vanessa from Wanders Miles

Image of boabab trees at sunset

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What a beautiful collection of sunsets <3 A sunset is still one of the most beautiful free experience you can get in this world!

Marcella & Tim 3rd October 2017 - 7:30 am

Those are some incredible sunset shots! Wow! Too hard to pick a favourite haha. All we know is we’ll need to visit some of these places to try and catch our own 😊

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What a beautiful collection of sunsets, I love how each is so different & so special to the person/people that were watching them 😊

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Such a great collection of sunsets! Love the variety in the colours and settings. Thanks for sharing a great group of travel bloggers! Linda

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Such a gorgeous compilation of sunsets from around the world. Happy to be a part of the feature. Cheers!!


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