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Trekking Kolsai Lakes | Kazakhstan

by Vanessa
Stunning reflections of the green forest in Kolsai Lake 1, Kazakhstan

Reflections of the green forest in Kolsai Lake 1

Kolsai National Park is the ultimate haven for nature lovers, trekking Kolsai Lakes is not to be missed. The three lakes are nestled in emerald green forests below the stunning background of the soaring and snow-capped Tien Shan mountains. 

Lake Kolsai is on the mountainous border between Kazakhstan and Krygyzstan and is 300km away from the nearest city of Almaty. The long journey to visit this beautiful Almaty region becomes worth it when you step off the bus, take your first lungful of Kazakh country air and feel the peace settle into your soul.

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The lakes were created by glacier melt water creating reservoirs on the valley floor and are known as ‘The Pearls of Northern Tien Shan’. Lush spruce trees and alpine meadows line the edges of the mirror-like waters of Lakes 1 and 2.

On a sunny day, the dramatic mountains which slope sharply upwards into the sky are reflected in the crystal clear water. It’s truly beautiful. Hiking, taking a boat onto the lakes and horse riding are all wonderful ways of experiencing all that Kolsai Lakes have to offer.

The trek to the Kolsai Lake 2 and back down is a steep journey up and the round trip is around 18km taking around 6 hours. Having done this trek twice in June and July, the weather was varied on each. The first trek started off with beautiful sunshine and on the way down the thunder cracked through the skies with random hail falling from the sky. Whilst this cleared, the descent was made much harder with the deep muddy paths – pack a poncho just in case. The second time, we were blessed with sunshine all the way!

Kolsai Lake 1

Lake 1 is 1km long, 400 metres wide and between 70 and 80 metres deep depending on how much rain has fallen. Visitors to Kolsai will find human as well as natural history here. A keen observer will see white buildings nestled into the hillside. These belonged to the Communist leaders of Kazakhstan.

Trekking Kolsai Lakes in Kazakhstan

Trekking Kolsai Lakes in Kazakhstan

Wildflowers on Kolsai Lake 1 in Kazakhstan

Wildflowers on Kolsai Lake 1

Kolsai Lake 2

Lake 2 is much higher up at an altitude of 2250m and there is the potential that the thinner air may make you slightly breathless as you stride through the forests and meadows full of wildflowers and berries towards it from Lake 1. In winter Lake 2 is inaccessible due to heavy snow but in spring and summer tourists can enjoy a strenuous but gorgeous uphill hike of 8km to arrive at the pretty campsite on the banks of Lake 2 with rosy cheeks, muddy boots and a memory bank full of the beautiful countryside you’ve seen.

Saving lives!

Be careful on the logs across to the picnic spot by Kolsai Lake 2, I had a situation where my friend slipped onto her back and got stuck under the logs as she was submerged under the water. It was pretty scary but auto-pilot kicked in and I jumped in to save her.  She had gone to a dead weight and the current was deceivingly strong. Our guide threw his sandwiches in the air as I shouted for help and he jumped in too.

The local police stood on the logs just looking at what was going on. I shouted at them to help pull her out! Fortunately, a couple of the people in the group had dry clothes we could change into to avoid the hypothermia setting in… man, that water was super cold!

Log crossing at Kolsai Lake 2, Kazakhstan

Log crossing at Kolsai Lake 2

Lake 2 and 3 are both very close to the border with Krygzystan so keep your passport with you at all times. Border guards are a constant presence in this area and special permits are needed to walk higher into the mountains.

Kolsai Lake 3

Lake 3 is the smallest of the Kolsai Lakes and is at 2750m. The spruce forests thin out up here and are replaced by edelweiss studded grassy banks. Lake 3 is an oasis of tranquillity and peace as few visitors make it this far into the mountains. Camping at Lake 2 and hiking through the morning make the trip longer than most plan for. If you do have a couple of days to spare, I’m told it’s absolutely worth the extra effort. Eagles and falcons can be seen dancing and swooping on the air and you might spot a bear paw print or two. If you’re tempted to dip a toe in the lake be careful though! It might look beautiful with sunlight sparkling but it’s so cold at 2 degrees that even fish can’t survive.

Flowing river between Kolsai Lakes 1 and 2 - Kazakhstan

Flowing river between Kolsai Lakes 1 and 2

The adventurous traveller can extend their trip by riding horses up and over the Tien Shan into Kyrgyzstan to visit Issyk-Kul lake. Issyk-Kul is the world’s second-largest alpine lake at a staggering 170km long and 70km across. Its name translates into ‘Hot Lake’ as the vast depth, low salt levels and thermal activity mean that even during extreme winters the water doesn’t freeze.

If you plan ahead, a swim in the vividly blue water of Issykul will wash off the dust and dirt of your recent five-hour trail over the mountain passes which have brought you to an altitude of 3230 metres.


Getting to Almaty

We flew to Almaty with Fly Dubai from Dubai but many other airlines fly to this airport such as KLM, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

Getting from Almaty to Saty

Take the metro to Raimbek Batyr metro station. Go to the corner of Pushkin Street and Raimbek Batyr Avenue where there will be a shared taxi to Kegan (look for cars in the back right corner of the first lot (not the lot where the marshrutkas are leaving from). 

A shared taxi to Saty should take around 4 hours from Almaty and cost around 1000-1500 tenge per person. It will be quicker if you take another taxi from Kegan to Saty village.

Getting from Saty Village to the Kolsai Lakes

From Saty village where we stayed, you will hire taxis from there at around 1000 Tenge, it’s takes around 20 minutes.

Entrance fee to Lake Kolsai

You will pay 550 tenge per person and 500 tenge for the bus, there are varying prices according to the vehicle you’re in.

Tours to Lake Kolsai

Along with Charyn Canyon and Lake Kaindy, Lake Kolsai is one of the most popular places to visit for those staying in Almaty and the surrounding area and would generally be included in a 2-day tour.


Insurance for Kazakhstan

Always make travel insurance a priority for any adventure! World Nomads is my go-to guys, I’ve learnt this from experience. You can buy and claim online even when you’ve left home. I love that they give a little back too and support community development projects in various countries.


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Anjali Chawla 15th September 2018 - 2:52 pm

Kolsai Lakes look beautiful. Trekking is a best way to enjoy the nature and its beauty.

Vanessa 15th September 2018 - 5:35 pm

I recommend anyone go and see how beautiful Kazakhstan is – really enjoyed Kolsai Lakes!


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