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Trekking Ala-Kul Pass to Altyn-Arashan | Kyrgyzstan

by Vanessa

Passing through alpine forest, steep rocky inclines, and enjoying the snowy peaks, waterfalls, and turquoise Ala-Kul Lake, you will find trekking the Ala-Kul Pass in Kyrgyzstan an exhilarating experience. 



  • Altitude: Karakol 1,760m / Ala-Kul Lake 3,600m
  • Distance: 13km
  • Time trekked: 5.5 hours

Starting the Ala-Kol hike

We set off from our guest house in Karakol in a Kamaz 6×6 Expedition Truck which was a rough ride along the track. We walked 2 hours to the signs where Ala-Kul Lake is labelled as 8km in distance with a nearly vertical wiggly line which makes you think this hike is going to pack a punch on the legs.

The path was pretty easy to follow up the Kurgak-Tor gorge. Whilst it was fairly steep, it was a joy weaving through the bushes, looking at the alpine wildflowers, and generally socking up Mother Nature.

Alpine flowers and flowing river as we started trekking the Ala Kul Pass in the Karakol Valley
Beginning of the trekking Ala Kul Pass, Kyrgyzstan

Siroto hut to Ala-Kol Lake

As we passed the Siroto hut, we noticed a sign painted on the rock announcing ‘Bar 150m’ with an arrow. That should surely give you some energy to keep going! As we hiked along the gushing river we came to the said bar which was a selection of vodka, beers, and soft drinks resting on a wooden stand by some yurts. We were not resting our heads there for the night but we stopped to nibble on our packed lunches and carried on.

We reached a plateau by the beautiful waterfall streaming down over the rocks from the Ala-Kol Lake. We took a moment to enjoy the view and look back over Karakol Valley behind us, feeling quite victorious at how high we had come in one day… and yes, maybe a little exhausted, it sure was a steep climb. Then we looked up to discover the might ascend still to come. One final push up the rocky mountainside, a final scramble over some big rocks to discover the reward of Ala-Kol Lake. Wow, those waters are just pure turquoise, a real jewel in the mountains!

Waterfalls from the Ala-Kul Lake whilst trekking Ala-Kol Pass in Kyrgyzstan
View over Karakol Valley on the Ala Kul trek in Kyrgyzstan

Sunset by Ala-Kol Lake

As the sunset, the temperature dropped. Time to shove on the woolly hats and add some cosy layers. The sun gifted us with a tremendous soft glow across the layers of mountains, the perfect way to say good night to nature. I sure was looking forward to a good kip, a shame the tents were pitched on a slope so I slipped down to the bottom of the tent in a heap with a boulder strategically placed in my back. Needless to say, that wasn’t the most fulfilling shut-eye I’ve ever had but I guess that’s the joys of camping!

After a day trekking Ala-Kul Pass, we camped watching sunset by the Ala-Kul Lake over the Karakol Valley in Kyrgyzstan

Sunset from the tent at Ala-Kul Lake


  • Altitude: Ala-Kul Pass 3,860m / Altyn Arashan 2,400m
  • Distance: 22km
  • Time trekked: 8 hours

Crossing the Ala-Kul Pass

Waking up as tired as the moment I got in my sleeping bag, the only thing for it was a sweet coffee to get my eyes open. Until the sun made it over the peaks, there was still a chill in the air. 

We set off around 9.30am along the side of Ala-Kul Lake. The grey boulders and scree contrasted sharply with the vivid turquoise waters, the colours changed as the clouds danced across the skies.

Trekking Ala-Kol Pass in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia

Whilst it took us 3 hours to ascend 460m to the summit the Ala-Kul Pass at 3,860m altitude, we did take a number of stops along the way to enjoy the views and take photos, it’s hard not to take in those breath-taking landscapes.

As with everything, what goes up must come down! We headed down the other side of the Ala-Kul Pass towards Keldike Valley. This reminded me of the scree descent from Kilimanjaro but less exhausted. Some of the guides went down at some crazy speed and some were helping the group stay upright, it sure was a slippy one! We sat and refueled with lunch whilst basking in the sunshine. 

Trekking through Keldike and Ekichat Valley

This final hike of the day just seemed never-ending and whilst the lush, green terrain was getting easier, we were exhausted. Horses and cattle are dotted around Keldike Valley grazing, we crossed a big river and headed down to Ekichat valley by crossing small rivers over logs. 

Hot springs at Altyn-Arashan

Arriving at Altyn Arashan, I was desperate to get my trekking boots off and enjoy the last of the warm sun rays. Altyn Arashan translates to ‘Golden Spa’ and is a stunning resort with Takyr-Tor hot springs. As I scrambled out of my tent in my bikini ready to experience the nitric thermals springs on the right side of the Arashan River, I looked up at the beautiful snowy peak of Palatka with a majestic height of 5020m.

We booked a one-hour slot in the spa before dinner. Firstly, we relaxed in the sulfurous water in the private wooden hut, it is believed to cure aching joints, skin ailments, and indigestion. Next, it was time to jump in the ice-cold Arashan River. I can understand why this is not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases, the shock of the temperature totally took your breath away.

Snowy Palatka Peak from Altyn Arashan Resort in Kyrgyzstan

Snowy Palatka Peak from Altyn Arashan


  •  Altitude: Altyn Arashan 2,400m / Karakol 1,760m
  • Distance: 16km
  • Time trekked: 3.5 hours

Back to Karakol

With the hypnotic sounds of the Arashan River, the horses, and the pitter-patter of rain against the tent, I slept like a baby… or maybe just jaded from the tent experience the previous night!

We followed the meandering Arashan River passing yurts through steep mountain gorges full of Asian spruce trees. We had a puppy that followed us the whole way, she had way more energy than us. Our bus met us once we started on the path to take us back to Karakol.

Boy on horse by Altyn Arashan in Kyrgyzstan

Boy on horse by Altyn Arashan


What to bring

Sleeping bag, good trekking shoes (waterproof are best for the river crossings), waterproof jacket, sunglasses, suncream, sunhat, warm hat and jacket for the cold nights.

Best time to hike in Kyrgyzstan

We were super lucky with the weather when trekking Ala-Kul pass, July brought us sunshine in the day but a real chill at night. Now the weather can be unpredictable but general speaking, June to September is the best time to go altitude hiking in Kyrgyzstan such as trekking Ala-kul Pass. For lower-level hikes, it can get pretty hot so the best time to visit Kyrgystan is autumn to be guaranteed a cool trail.

Tour guides for hiking

We did the trek as part of a group with Trekkup from Dubai which included permits, tents, food, and transport.

If you download Maps.me and are a confident hiker, this trip can be done without a guide. Just be careful of the weather and ensure you have all the right gear. If you want a local guide, it is reportedly cheaper if you do this from the ground rather than booking online. Visit Destination Karakol for more information.

Alternative treks in Issyk-Kol region

For a longer hike in the region that still takes in the beautiful Ala-Kul Pass, try a 7 day Ak-Suu Transerve Trek starting from Jyrgalan and ending in Altyn Arashan.

Insurance for Kyrgyzstan

Always make travel insurance a priority for any adventure! World Nomads is my go-to guy, I’ve learned this from experience. You can buy and claim online even when you’ve left home. I love that they give a little back too and support community development projects in various countries.


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Lora 28th October 2019 - 12:05 am

Looks incredible, the color of that lake is surreal! Definitely adding this to my list.

Vanessa 30th October 2019 - 9:21 pm

The turquoise waters of Ala-Kul lake were unreal, such a natural beauty! If you get the chance, you must go!


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