6 Amazing Tours In and Around Kathmandu

by Vanessa Wanders Miles

You will never be short of unique experiences to try in Nepal. Whether you go trekking or mountain biking, explore culture and history and or indulge in Nepalese cuisine. There are many trips and tours in and around Kathmandu to suit any taste or fitness level. Here are some top recommendations to get you started with your next trip to Kathmandu.


Monkey Temple Tour with a Monk | Backstreet Academy

Monkey Temple Tour with a Monk in Kathmandu via Backstreet Academy

BOOK WITH YOUR TOUR WITH BACKSTREET ACADEMY / Recommended by Vanessa from Wanders Miles

One of the best ways to see Swayambhunath Temple is with a monk on the tour with Backstreet Academy. We met with a local guide/interpreter and Dendup, a practicing monk and a scholar of Buddhism. As we moved around the Monkey Temple, he explained the history, the importance to pilgrims, and the ideology of Buddhism.

For the next part of the tour, you are led to the nearby Sangye Choeling monastery where it teaches young monks. We sat in his office drinking Tibetan butter tea and learned about the life of monks and why young boys choose to give their life to Buddhism. Dendup showed us around the meditation hall with symbolic works of art and it was an honour to receive a blessing from him.

Saturday is the monks’ day off from studying hence Dendup is available to do the tours and spend time with his guests. The young scholars were doing their chores and washing their robes. The tour was a perfect insight into to the everyday life of a monk.

Kathmandu Valley Tour | Nepal Mountain Guides

The Kathmandu Valley tour with Nepal Mountain Guides is a great way of being shown around by locals to some of the best sites of Kathmandu.

BOOK WITH YOUR TOUR WITH NEPAL MOUNTAIN GUIDES / Recommended by Alexander from Gourmand Trotter

The Kathmandu Valley tour with Nepal Mountain Guides is a great way of being shown around by locals to some of the best sites of Kathmandu. The stops include Kathmandu city, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur. The tour starts with a pick up at your hotel and ends with a drop off at the hotel later in the evening.

Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa, and Patan Durbar Square are some of the main highlights of the tour where a professional local guide tells more about each place and its history.

This tour includes all sightseeing entry fees and picks up/drop off as well as tax and transportation between the attractions. While you can easily explore these places on your own, there isn’t much information available in form of signs for tourists. However, with this tour from Nepal Mountain Guides, you can be certain to have all your questions answered as well as get interesting history told to you along the way.

Kathmandu City Walking Tour | Welcome To My Yard

Stone Lion in Durbar Square on a Kathmandu Walking Tour with Welcome To My Yard

BOOK WITH YOUR TOUR WITH WELCOME TO MY YARD / Recommended by Vanessa from Wanders Miles

Take a 3 hour walking tour with Welcome To My Yard to experience the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu city. Your guide will meet you at the Kathmandu Guest House in the heart of Thamel and take you on a journey through the main sights and monuments such as Nateshwar Stupa, Kathesimbu Stupa and monasteries in Sigal Chowk, Ason Bazaar, Durbar Square and sip on the infamous best lassi in town!

As you wander the maze of Kathmandu, you will be shown small details and shrines that only local knowledge can offer. The guide was full of information on religion, architecture, history and local customs from both ancient and modern times. 

Welcome to My Yard is an innovative social enterprise that fosters strong partnerships with Nepali children, young people and families that need support. Going on their city walks helps contribute to this wonderful and worthy cause. 

Day Trip to Bhaktapur and Panauti | Royal Mountain Travel

Day trip to Bhaktapur and Panauti from Kathmandu with Royal Mountain Travel


A trip to Bhaktapur, the ancient city and former capital and royal seat of power, is guaranteed to be filled with interesting history, rich architecture, authentic Nepali culture and art. Fortunately, it is under 10 miles from Kathmandu and can be explored as a day trip with Royal Mountain Travel with guides that are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Bhaktapur is also known for its temple squares, intricate wooden carvings on nearly every doorway and window. In addition to seeing the Imperial palace, Durbar square, and other temples, the tour takes you through the market area, the Potter’s Square, and a traditional paper factory. Although Bhaktapur sustained a great deal of damage in the 2015 earthquake, this UNESCO World Heritage site is being restored to its former glory and is a must visit in Nepal.

Nagarkot Trek in Kathmandu Valley | Himalayan Planet

Nagarkot Trek with Himalayan Planet Adventures


To fit in with my tight schedule, I booked a private tour with Himalayan Planet Adventures to trek for two days from Changu Narayan to Dhulikhel with an overnight stay in Nagarkot. However, Himalayan Planet Adventures do offer various group tours for you to join 

Pankaj, the local guide was lovely company and very easy to chat to about his life and what it is like for Nepali people. Starting the hike in a Newari village, we explored the UNESCO site of Changu Narayan before heading off to Nagarkot. As I visited in monsoon time, the view of the Himalayas was somewhat misty. Eating lunch on day two at Tonchok Mountain View Resort was quite a dramatic sight. It was unspoiled and remote, just what I wanted from my getaway trek from Kathmandu. 

Outdoor Adventures | The Last Resort

Bungee jump at The Last Resort in Nepal

BOOK WITH YOUR TOUR WITH THE LAST RESORT  / Recommended by Stephen from Copenhagen Rocks

Are you looking for an unforgettable tour away from Kathmandu? The Last Resort is located 100km from Kathmandu offering a day full of fun and adventure. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or adrenaline junkie, you’ll be at home at the Last Resort. The company offers Bungee jumps and canyon swings (single or tandem). And other nature-centric tours.

Personally, I went for a Canyon Swing, and a Bungee Jump. And while I had done both before, there’s something different about being in the famed Nepal mountains, breathing in the crisp mountain air. Your knees wobble with equal parts nervousness and excitement as you take the leap off the edge and plummet 160 meters into the tropical gorge below. These aren’t the only adventures the Last Resort offers as well; they also have white water rafting tours and canyoning trips. The Last Resort offers my favourite tours outside Kathmandu!


Thank you to the travel bloggers who have recommended their favourite tours in and around Kathmandu with direct links to the local company. If you don’t see anything you fancy, there is a multitude of trips covering culture, cuisine, and adventure to suit everyone.

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