Special Sunsets in the Middle East

by Vanessa

Having moved from the UK to live in Dubai, I was in awe of some of the special sunsets in the Middle East once I started exploring the region. I still have more places to travel to in the Middle East so I asked some travel bloggers to show us their experiences of special sunsets within the Middle East.

Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Visiting Sheikh Zayed Mosque, during sunset is the best time to admire the beauty of mosque more. After living 5 years in Dubai it is one of my best decisions to finally visit this marvelous architecture.

Hrishi & Anushka from Roam on ur own | Instagram | Facebook

Tel Aviv, Israel’s Mediterranean coast

“This Mediterranean sunset picture is from Tel Aviv. I was attracted by the silhouettes of the people, each one telling a different story, against those gorgeous sunset colours in the background. Tel Aviv is my hometown. Growing up by the sea, I somehow came to take it for granted and forgot to appreciate its beauty. It’s such a good idea to stop and observe from time to time.”

Tal from Bright Nomad | Instagram | Facebook

Tamraght Beach in Morocco

“Every sunset in Morocco seemed special, especially those on Tamraght Beach. Every evening, everyone – locals and tourists alike – gathered on the edges of the cliffs above the beach to watch the sun go down. With the sound of waves crashing, seagulls crying and happy laughter, we would all enjoy the brilliant colors chasing across the skies before fading into black. It was standing watching one of these sunsets, that I realized people around the world are the same, no matter what culture, skin color, language, religion, country, or place they are in life. Everyone appreciates beautiful a sunset!”

Heidi from FlyAwayU | Twitter | Facebook

Mount of Olives, Jersusalem

“Among the best things to do in Jerusalem there is going all the way to Mount of Olives to admire what is thought to be the most beautiful sunset in the Middle East. As Mount of Olives is located in East Jerusalem, plan to go there well in advance for a chance to catch sunset, as it is not uncommon to encounter several road checks on the way there. Once in the area, the view is simply breath-taking, expanding all the way to show Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock.”

Claudia from My Adventures Across The World | Instagram | Facebook

Petra in Jordan

There are so many incredible places to watch the sun set in Jordan but our favourite has to be the High Place of Sacrifice in the ancient city of Petra. It’s a 30-minute steep walk to the site, but the view gets better and better with every step.

Once you reach the top the view seems to extend for miles and the light bathes the whole of Petra in a pink hue. You’ll likely have the whole place to yourself at this time of day which makes the experience even more magical. How many other world wonders could boast that?

Cat from Walk My World | Pinterest | Facebook

Wadi Rum in Jordan

“One of the most breath-taking sunsets we have ever experienced was in the Wadi Rum Desert in the South of Jordan. This desert is very special both because of its strong red color – especially intense around sunset – and the historical connotations. I was always fond of the stories of T. E. Lawrence during the Arab Revolt, and it was a magnificent to experience the same sunset as he did a century ago. The colors, the silence of the desert make it such a magical place at sunset.”

Gábor from Surfing the Planet | Instagram | Facebook

Luxor in Egypt

“Located along the Nile River in Egypt you’ll find the city of Luxor. While the entire Nile area is special, there’s nothing quite like Luxor. Luxor is where a lot of the history of Egypt takes place. It’s where the pharaohs walked and where the Egyptian Gods ruled. When you’ve spent an entire day learning about Egyptian history and visiting the tombs and ruins there’s nothing quite like sitting by the Nile and witnessing a sunset only to realize that thousands of years ago the ancient Pharaohs were doing the exact same thing in the same spot.”

Liliane from My Toronto My World | Instagram | Facebook

Burj al Arab in Dubai

“As expats we have the privilege of experiencing some pretty special things that we would never get the chance to do at home. A friend was celebrating a big birthday so we all flew into Dubai and sailed around Dubai marina for the late afternoon and evening in a yacht that she’d hired. It was the first time I had seen the Burj Al Arab and it was completely unforgettable. What made it all the more perfect was being able to share it with our friends – people we would never have met had we not come to live in the Middle East.”

Emma from Wanderlust and Wet Wipes | Instagram | Facebook

Fallen Star Valley, Qeshm

“Fallen Star Valley, on Qeshm island off the southern coast of Iran, is nature at its best in the Middle East designing the rocky landscape with the elements.  Locals will tell you that the Fallen Star Valley came into being centuries ago when a falling star crashed into the earth and that the maze of ravines and towers are haunted by the voices of ghosts… actually te echoes are just the effect of wind tunnels. Standing on the plateau with the vast crevasses below glowing with warmth and the failing light from a gorgeous sunset is something I will never forget.”

Vanessa from Wanders Miles | Instagram | Facebook

Tel Aviv, Israel

These sunset photos were each so special to me as they documented my first trip to the Middle East and Israel. What a beautiful country with so much to offer the traveller in terms of exploration, relaxation and the obvious religious significance. I am glad I can now say I have witnessed the birthplace of Jesus and seen the infamous wailing wall with my own eyes.

Sam from SOS Travel | Twitter | Instagram

Sunset on the coast of Tel Aviv in Israel by SOS Travel


Special sunsets in the Middle East by travel bloggers

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