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Eco-friendly Camping Gear | UK Outdoor Essentials

by Vanessa

Eco-friendly Camping Gear UK 2021

Who is ready to embrace the GREAT outdoors? I can’t wait to go camping in the British wilderness! Having just moved back to the UK I’m now upgrading to eco-friendly camping gear in preparation. How easy is it to find sustainable, plastic-free alternatives for a guilt-free getaway?

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Eco-friendly Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags should be top of the list to keep you cosy on a UK camping trip but what are your eco-friendly options?

I was super impressed to discover Mountain Equipment recycled sleeping bags. The top quality 100% recycled down is produced in a solar-powered factory and washed with extremely efficient water recycling. The recycled and environmentally-sound outer fabrics don’t compromise on performance.

Another option would be the Deuter Bluesign® sleeping bags with high-quality, RDS-certified down ensuring the feathers come from ducks and geese that have been treated well. 

Eco-friendly Cork Yoga Mat

Why not double up and use a yoga mat as a camping mat? This recyclable biodegradable cork mat has some serious padding with 100% natural tree rubber. You can personalise with water-based inks too making this a cute gift for outdoor and yoga-loving buddies!

Eco-friendly Natural Rubber and Cork Yoga and Camping Mat - Made in UK

Eco-friendly Natural Rubber and Cork Yoga and Camping Mat

Vegan Recycled Fleece Blanket

I love everything purple and this fair trade 100% acrylic wool blanket certainly fits the bill. If purple isn’t your colour, there are many more to choose from. Either way, this super-soft vegan blanket will keep you warm as you sleep under the stars.

Vegan Recycled Fleece Blanket made in Nepal

Vegan Recycled Fleece Blanket made in Nepal

Eco-friendly Tents

Most camping tents in the market tend to be made from synthetic materials for their waterproof qualities so still some more innovation needed or wild camping looking up at the stars instead.

Vaude have introduced the Wingtarp which can be can be turned into an emergency tent for up to two people with just one trekking pole. This flysheet was made with resource-efficient and environment-friendly manufacturing in accordance with the Bluesign standard. Time to put your origami skills to the test!

Eco-friendly tents in UK

Eco-friendly tents

Opt for Eco-Glamping 

If you can’t find the right eco-friendly tent or you simply want to take the hassle out of camping, why not give eco-glamping a try? So many options from yurts, bell tents, eco-pods, and even treehouses so you can feel at one with the British countryside.

Go Eco Glamping in Lampeter, Wales has the ultimate luxury yurt experience with hot tubs, four-poster beds, and log burners. 

Broomhills Farm River Eco Pods, Carlisle is located around 7km from Carlisle Castle. The pods at the farm have river views, a seating area, and uses solar power 

Quex Livery Glamping, Birchington offers a restaurant, a garden, and BBQ facilities. A sun terrace is available for guests to use at the tented camp.

Living-Room Treehouses in Machynlleth, Wales is the ultimate UK getaway as the 6 treehouses are hidden in the Welsh valley on the edge of Snowdonia with hot tubs and cosy wood-burning stoves.

Go Eco Glamping in Lampeter, Wales - Eco-friendly glamping UKBroomhills Farm River Eco Pods, Carlisle - Eco-friendly camping UKTipi at Quex Livery Glamping, Birchington - Eco-friendly glamping UK



Eco-friendly Plates & Cutlery

Single-use plastic utensils are a big NO and totally unnecessary when you think about the biodegradable, reusable alternatives to plates, cups, and cutlery for your camping getaway… I would say look pretty cool to have at home too!

Bamboo Cutlery- Eco-friendly camping gearBamboo Straws - Eco-friendly camping gearReusable water bottle for your eco-friendly camping trip in the UKBamboo Flask - Eco-friendly camping gearBuy a Tree Mug - perfect eco-friendly camping gear for your UK outdoor getawayDisposable Leaf Plates - Eco-friendly camping gear

Bamboo Foldable Table

For the ‘all-out’ not eating on your knee kinda camping trip, you will need a table for the happy campers. Obviously they would be reused each time but the Bamboo Foldable Table is the more sustainable option.

Personalised Portable Camping Fire Pit

I love this compact steel portable campfire pit as it doubles up as a BBQ! Forget using single-use tin BBQs, just bring your own grill and pans!

It comes flat with a bamboo carry handle, open it out and slot it together, as easy as that! The raised campfires don’t scorch or burn the grass which protects the environment. This would be a fab gift too as you can personalise it on both sides.

Personalised-Portable Camping Fire Pit UK

Personalised-Portable Camping Fire Pit

Eco-friendly Firelighters

Keep the campfires burning with eco-friendly firelighters! The wood wool and organic bricks are 100% natural, ignite instantly, and burn for a longer time than more traditional firelighters removing the need for kindling. How else will you toast your marshmallows into the small hours?

Eco-friendly Non-toxic Firelighters

Biodegradable Bin Bags

Remember to leave no trace and take your litter with you to recycle or dispose of it responsibly. Have you ordered Recycled Biodegradable Bin Bags to help you?


Skin & Hair Care

Since buying these Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, I have been truly stunned at the difference in my hair, it is so shiny! The 100% natural ingredients will cause less environmental damage if you are washing your locks in the great outdoors. They are cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and free from palm oil, WOW!

So that’s the basics for a minimal packing trip but if you have more room, check out more eco-friendly products from moisturiser, lip balm, and hairbrushes to get through your tangled locks.

Sustainable Bamboo Hairbrush - Eco-friendly camping gear UKSuperfly Shampoo and Conditioner Bars - perfect for a UK camping tripFairtrade Shea Butter - Eco Camping Gear UK

Dental Care

Be wild and free on your camping trip but don’t let the dental care slip. Choose the natural way to look after your teeth and leave no trace in our environment.

First Aid Products

Every camper needs a standard first aid kit in case of emergencies. Unfortunately, most are not on the eco-friendly side but I found a few organic or sustainable options I’ll be adding to my kit for a summer camping trip in the Lake District!

Coconut Oil Plasters for UK Camping First Aid KitBamboo Facemask in the UKOrganic Insect Repellant for a UK camping adventure


Recycled or Bamboo Outerwear

We all know the good old British weather can be unpredicatable! Be prepared with stylish bamboo or recycled waterproof jackets for both women and men – perfect for the great outdoors!

Bamboo Walking Socks

You may have scoured the internet for eco-friendly walking socks, well, look no further! Check out these hard-wearing, supersoft women’s and men’s bamboo walking socks that absorb moisture to keep your feet fresh. They will keep your feet warm even if you decide to give the trekking a miss and kick back on a camping chair!


Solar Chargers

If you wish to go off the grid then maybe you don’t need power although this is not recommended as you never know when you need to make an emergency call. Power up your device away from the socket with an eco-friendly Solar Powered Charger.

Lights & Torches

Lighting is an absolute must when planning to buy eco-friendly camping gear for your trip!

LED Head Torches are an ideal hands-free source of light for nighttime activities such as hiking or simply a quest to find the loo!

LED Lanterns for the tent are a fab idea to find your way around your tent or to create some ambiance around the campsite. The Vango LED lanterns have a built-in rechargeable battery and USB charging option.

LED Hand Held Torches are perfect for everyday use too. They range from pocket-sized or heavy-duty powerful lighting to help you see in the dark.

Outdoor Wind Resistant Candles Soy Wax Candle is the eco-friendly answer to lighting at the campsite, just pop the tin lid on to put them out. Always be careful to put on a heat-resistant surface and away from fabrics. I loved these upcycled lanterns for the table but not for the minimalistic camping trip.

LED Head Torches - UK Camping Gear

LED Head Torches


It’s always a good idea to play it safe on your outdoor adventures. Just in case you get lost, make sure you have a trusted maps app or GPS with you. Ordnance Survey provides both of them!

OS Maps App

The OS Map Premium is a subscription service with unlimited access to 607 official maps to explore Great Britain. You can view ready-made routes or plot your own. print or download to your phone.

Another really cool feature is you can visualise the rolling hills and landscapes with the OS Maps AR Viewer, or fly across the terrain with the Aerial 3D layer to find the best points of interest.


OS GPS Devices

Stay safe on your outdoor adventures with GPS watches and hand-held devices anywhere in the world. If you are heading off wild camping in the Peak District or hiking in Lancashire, you will know your precise location which is handy in case of any issues! Some of the GPS devices come with some nifty features such as two-way satellite messaging & heart-rate monitoring.

Maps and GPS Devices and Watches - Ordnance Survey Gear for Camping in the UK

Maps and GPS Devices and Watches


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