How travel bloggers can make money with unconventional tactics

by Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph - Blogging SuccessRyan Biddulph is an island-hopping blogger, earning sufficient income through blogging and freelancing businesses. He has some tips for travel bloggers on making money and how to tackle this with unconventional tactics.

Build a list.

Open multiple streams of income.

Create and connect.

Accept sponsored posts.

I get it.

But if these were the chief factors in making money through your blog, most travel bloggers would be full-time travel bloggers. Most bloggers build lists. Goodness knows, that most travel bloggers open multiple streams of income and accept sponsored posts. I know legions of travel bloggers who create helpful content and connect with other bloggers.

Why do most travel bloggers struggle to make coins?

Money is energy.

Making money through your blog is an energy game, not a doing game, not a strategy game, and not a robotic game. Bloggers act like robots. Step 1 is to build your list. Step 2 is to create value. Step 3 is to receive money.


Money is energy. If you blog mainly for fun, take the easy but uncomfortable route, trust in self and trust the process, you vibe harmoniously with money and allow in money. Most travel bloggers blog tense, mainly to get money (taking fun out of the process), take the resistant route, have zero trust in self and the process, vibe with poverty and repel money.

Let’s dive in to 2 unconventional, energy-heavy tactics that help you make more money through your travel blog.

Stop Fighting Potential Sponsored Post Clients!

Either accept sponsored posts at a lesser rate so you receive money and feel good about receiving money or completely release and detach from potential sponsored post clients who barter and bargain.

Do not fight these folks! In essence, you fight money and tell money to stay away the split second you barter, bargain, complain, whine or fight from a fear-filled, resistant energy.

Almost every travel blogger alive made this mistake once. I made it hundreds of times. But I soon learned how money is energy; either accept money non-resistantly and feel good about it or release on folks immediately and feel good about it.

The easiest way to make more money is to receive it with zero resistance or to release on non-resonant opportunities with zero resistance. The annoying potential client shows you why you struggle to make money, mirroring back to you fight, fear, complaints, low self esteem, low trust in the process, arrogance and delusion.

Take a deep breath. Allow fear to run through your being. Do not project. Either accept the lesser rate and feel good or release the opportunity and feel good. Make more money by feeling good receiving money or by releasing an opportunity from a non-resistant energy.

Create Affiliate Disclosures with Posture

Money energy does not like people who feel ashamed to receive money because shame is fear, the lowest emotion on the energy scale.

You guys know the travel blogger affiliate disclosure walk of shame: “Note that I do make a SMALL commission on each sale AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.”

You are telling money energy: “I feel bad receiving you so please, trickle in tiny increments to me, and please, PLEASE, send cheapies to my site who are terrified of being fleeced, OK, to buy my affiliate stuff only because there is no cost to them”

I love all you travel bloggers so much that I am being honest and genuine with you. If you feel uncomfortable with receiving money you won’t receive much money.

Peep my disclosure: “I am compensated financially or otherwise for any link or image you click on through this site.”

I make money through everything. There you go.

I cover myself and also feel clear and comfortable with receiving money energy… I receive money.

Create an affiliate disclosure with posture, clarity and confidence. Money is a neutral energy. Do not explain or justify receiving a neutral energy. Just receive it.

Guys; if you make these 2 energetic shifts you will allow more money into your bank account. Stop working hard. Change your energy to make more money through your travel blog.

Ryan Biddulph helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.


How to make money through your travel blog with unconventional tactics by Ryan Biddulph

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Allisson Nadler 25th September 2019 - 12:02 am

Hi Ryan, thank you for sharing it, I will take it very much into account, something I have done is to sell post or very long texts, there is always a way to make more money without having to be locked in your home or office, THANK YOU for sharing.


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