5 ways your smartphone can revolutionise your holiday

by Vanessa Wanders Miles

Smartphone photography on your holidays

There’s no denying that smartphones have become integral to our way of living; in fact, the average person now spends a total of more than two and a half hours on their phone each day. In recent years, smartphone technology has seen huge advancements.

Our phones now provide us with a vast range of services and have become a device that we simply can’t live without. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the smartphone has revolutionised the way we travel. With so many necessities rolled into one device, our smartphones have changed everything from the way we pack to how we explore.


Make the most of your device and check out these 5 ways your smartphone can revolutionise your holiday:

1) Booking made easy!

There was once a time when booking a holiday meant endless trawling through travel brochures before heading to the travel agents to make the final booking. With the increasing popularity of online travel sites, and with more and more sites becoming mobile-friendly, there is no longer any need to leave the house to book your trip. In fact, statistics show that in India, for example, 87% of travellers book their entire trip through their smartphones – making impromptu trips more accessible than ever. When you arrive at the airport your smartphone comes to your aid once again. Many airlines now have online check-in apps allowing you to skip the queues and begin relaxing right away.

2) Freedom to explore

With the development of GPS technology, we are now able to use our smartphones as satellite navigation devices. We no longer need to struggle with maps or the constrictions of a guided tour – if we even dare to leave the heavily populated and commercialised tourist hotspots that is! Our smartphones have given us the freedom to explore at our own pace without the fear of getting lost. We can simply take a walk or hire a car to head to local towns and villages and gain a more authentic experience of the local culture, knowing that our trusty smartphone will guide us back at the end of the day. It’s always great to explore but if you are heading off the beaten track, remember to stay safe.

3) The most portable camera

Whether you have a limited luggage allowance or you’re simply heading out for a day of exploring, you don’t want to be lugging around that heavy DSLR with a bag full of kit and lenses. Leave it at home! Now, if you happen to be a professional, this might be a hard sell, but for the amateur photographer the camera on your phone should be more than good enough. Smartphone cameras are becoming increasingly sophisticated whilst staying incredibly compact, enabling you to get some perfect shots without being weighed down. There are now numerous apps that enable you to edit your snaps immediately after taking them, making it quicker than ever to share your adventures with friends and family back home.

4) Stay connected

You may be soaking up the rays on the other side of the globe, but modern smartphone technology means that you can connect with family and friends no matter what your location. Video call your family from the beach and share the beautiful views, before uploading the days snaps to social media and becoming the envy of your friends.

5) There’s an app for that!

It’s true. There’s an app for quite literally everything these days and many of them come in very handy for our holidays. Everything from translations to ordering room service can be done through your smartphone. I found the Google Translate app a must when visiting Beijing. There are even apps that will introduce you to hidden gems in the local area.


5 ways a smartphone can revolutionise your holiday from booking holtels, translation, taking photos and finding your way around on your travels. #travelapps #travelmadeeasy

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